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Month: July, 2012


Sometimes distance from other people is good,if you want to stay for a few hours alone,to think by yourself or have a sower and just relax in your bedroom..
Other times is the worst thing ever because you do not know exactly when are you going to see them again..the one you are in love with..the one you want to do things together .. the one you dream with..about your life and your future..
Right now I am in the second category ..so you can understand my feelings!The good thing is that it could be worst..because the distance could be much longer, plus the point that we wouldn’t see each other for months…
Everything you do has good and bad things…the point is if you can see the positive side..and do not let the bad things stuck in your mind..of course you will be thinking about them but if you stop thinking about them it will be better..!I know it’s hard..I know that bad days are coming..but I can’t wait for the day that I will hug you again..I will keep you in my arms and I will tell you how much I missed you and how much I love you…

I can’t wait to see you again honey..I miss you already and I wish you happy holidays in Chios

I love you





Fou woke up one morning and she said:
-I want to make some T-shirts..
so here is the result..


The enormous Jack Russell named Rita !!

Russian Circles-Batu

Good morning people !!
Peace Fou

Changes !!

Τελικα οι ανθρωποι αλλαζουν ; ‘Η μηπως απλα εμεις του βλεπουμε διαφορετικα ; Γιατι τους βλεπουμε διαφορετικα ; Μηπως επειδη ειχαμε μια λανθασμενη εικονα στο μυαλο μας για αυτους , με αποτελεσμα οταν εκεινοι εκαναν κατι το οποιο δεν πληρουσε τις προυποθεσεις της “εικονα” μας να πιστευουμε πως “αλλαξαν”… Απο τη μια πιστευω πως οι ανθρωποι αλλαζουν , μεταβαλλονται , εξελισσονται … Αλλα απο την αλλη … μηπως ολα αυτα τα καινουρια χαρακτηριστικα που παρατηρουμε οχι μονο στους αλλους , αλλα και στον ιδιο μας τον εαυτο αποτελουν τελικα κρυμενα στοιχεια της πορσωπικοτητας μας , τα οποια ξεδιπλωνονται σιγα-σιγα με την παροδο του χρονου και τις καταλληλες συνθηκες…; ‘Η μηπως οι συνθηκες ειναι αυτες που μας οδηγουν στην εσωτερικα μας αλλαγη ; Αλλα και παλι οπως και να ‘χει … τα καινουρια αυτα στοιχεια αλλαγη δεν αποτελουν ; Χμμμ food for thought !!

Do people eventually change ? Or do we see them differently ? Why do we see them differently ? Maybe we had a false image in our mind about them… consequently when they did something that wasn’t close to “our image” we believed that they have changed ! I believe that people change , they evolve … But on the other hand … is there any chance that these new characteristics we observe ,not only on others but also on ourselves seem to be hidden elements of our personality , which tend to unfold through the passage of time and the right circumstances ? Or these circumstances leads us to change ourselves ? But however the things seem to be those new elements aren’t considered as a change ? hmmm food for thought !!

Have a good night people !!

Peace Fou

Thank you !

I would like to thank all of you for your beautiful comments !! Sorry for not replying to all the comments , but currently we are very busy ! Without you guys our blog would be nothing !! Thank you and stay tuned for more posts !!

Peace Fou

Mission Tzia

these are a few photos from our trip in Tzia
a small island in Greece!

Variety Part 1

These are some photos that I have taken the past 3 years ! Enjoy 🙂 For more posts stay tuned !! Peace Fou