by fouflobo

Sometimes distance from other people is good,if you want to stay for a few hours alone,to think by yourself or have a sower and just relax in your bedroom..
Other times is the worst thing ever because you do not know exactly when are you going to see them again..the one you are in love with..the one you want to do things together .. the one you dream with..about your life and your future..
Right now I am in the second category ..so you can understand my feelings!The good thing is that it could be worst..because the distance could be much longer, plus the point that we wouldn’t see each other for months…
Everything you do has good and bad things…the point is if you can see the positive side..and do not let the bad things stuck in your mind..of course you will be thinking about them but if you stop thinking about them it will be better..!I know it’s hard..I know that bad days are coming..but I can’t wait for the day that I will hug you again..I will keep you in my arms and I will tell you how much I missed you and how much I love you…

I can’t wait to see you again honey..I miss you already and I wish you happy holidays in Chios

I love you