Alone in the dark

by fouflobo

I am trying to think how can I begin this post and I can’t find the right words..Well I am at the aft of a yaght..we are in anchor,everyone is sleeping..passengers and crew members.. and I am on is 02:00 a.m…It is so quite out there..all I can see is the black water..the black mountains..the black sky…and a few lights from houses and the roads…You can’t hear a noise and I am so close to the shore..all you can hear is those tiny waves..which are hiting the yaght and making a wonderfull’s like a melody in the darkness.. and of course the stars..there are so many..I know that people saying that if you count them something bad is going to happend ..well I do not trying to count them I am just enjoying the view..and that noise again..I don’t want to end it up somewhere..this is just a monologe..

Thanks for reading..

Hmm I should be a writer..I am good..naaah..I don’t think so…
Goodnight to everyone..