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Month: October, 2012

Bad thoughts

All I am thinking right now is that something bad is going to happen
I do not know what is that or when is going to happen
But I am feeling it!
I can sense it!
and after that I am thinking that..
Why am I worrying about?
Do I have to lose anything?
Well yeah..it depends from what is going to happen
But I do not know what that is..
Even if this happen someday..
Whatever this is..
It will be an experience!
I am waiting for it!



Jill Tracy -Haunted By The Thought of You

Enjoy 🙂

The Ugly Truth

One of the most frustrating thing in life -or at least my life- is when people , who were supposed to be there for you and thought to be the “closed ones ” , are disappointing you and they are letting you down … Even though they know what you have done to them … Even they know that you were there when no one was …

Maybe I am being so pessimistic because it is a very stressful period of time for me …

Maybe I should not trust people so easily…

Maybe… I don’t know… Understanding and communicating with people seems to be so hard for me … I think that it is not my “thing”… So I am gonna keep up with my small but full of lovely and caring people circle and not expose myself too much to others…

Life didn’t come with instruction but I strongly believe that making your own rules/instructions is one of the most interesting parts

Have a nice day !