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Month: May, 2014

Everybody say..

“Happy Bday Fouuu!!”

I wish you all the best 

Make your dreams come true



Life in the streets vs. at work

A friend of mine once said that
If you had everything in your life you will not understand this,
but if you had nothing you will..
Well in the streets you need nothing but a good friend and a beer to pass the day
and you are ready to come up against everyone and everything
from the craziest guy that you are up to fight with , to the best party where you are going to have fun
The difference from the life at work is that in the middle is this thing that we work for
I am pretty sure that you understand that I talk about “money’.
Everything is fake when this thing appears
everything ..
Unfortunately you can’t live without this
C’est la vie ..
At least try to leave with this and stop thinking and getting mad about it ,there is not so much time cause we are growing up..
Think about it..