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On the way to Proussos

This pcture is from a trip that we did last year in a place near to Karpenisi in Greece which called Proussos!
Here is Fou and Rita sitting on the back seat of the car while we were on our way to go there..!
It is a really nice place, because it’s a place into a forest so you can enjoy the nature!There is also a small river crossing this village  and it’s really nice to take some photos there,relax and leave the stress of the town out of your mind!
2012-05-12 12.57.25


Summer 2012

I finally found time to post some photos ! These photos were taken during summer in a village near Komotini ( North Greece)


Diana F



I just bought Nikon D5100… As you can understand I couldn’t resist so I started exploring it ! My first ( and ex ) camera was Nikon D3000 , which is a great DSLR camera for beginners ( like me ) , but as the years passed I realised that I needed something new ! So after careful consideration I concluded that I should buy Nikon D5100 ! So here is my first photo with my  new babe ! 🙂



A-Town / Summer 2011



Kinky is my brother’s Jack Russell … She is 1 1/5 years old … or something like that , actually I don’t remember…

Well to be honest when we first got Rita , she  didn’t have the best relations with Kinky ( because she was jealous of her ) but lately they play together like best friends … Kinky acts like a little human being … That’s the beauty of having a pet and especially a dog … They are the most loyal and the most lovely friend that you have ever had … Rita is following Kinky’s footsteps… I don’t know how my life would look like without Rita … Wish all of you had the opportunity to meet …

Anyways ! Stay tuned for more posts !

Peace Fou



Fou woke up one morning and she said:
-I want to make some T-shirts..
so here is the result..