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Fou woke up one morning and she said:
-I want to make some T-shirts..
so here is the result..

Thank you !

I would like to thank all of you for your beautiful comments !! Sorry for not replying to all the comments , but currently we are very busy ! Without you guys our blog would be nothing !! Thank you and stay tuned for more posts !!

Peace Fou

Do you like the sun??


Just to know us better

As we said in our first post we need your support to make our dream come true!!My opinion is that if you want to support someone first of all you have to know him!!So in this post you will read a few things about our lives and what we are trying to do with this blog,and of course anyone would like to share something about his life he/she can leave a comment below!!This will be great for a good partnership!!Let’s start then…

This is FOU!She is 17 years old and she is in high school. I am not really sure about what she want to study after school..I mean that she has something in mind but we will talk about it next year!!She is really good in school actually, so I don’t have to worry about her..She will make it!!She lives in Palaio Faliro in Athens, Greece!I won’t say about her dreams yet because most of them are the same as mine..I ‘ll mention them in the next picture..!!She really likes photography ,gym and longboards..!Right now she is reading maths..and she is not feeling very good about something personal that happened…SO..if you are out there people..PLEASE..MAKE SOME NOOOOOOOOOOOOOISE!!!!

This is me(Flobo)!Now you can understand what the link means!!Anyway I am 24 years old..I like skateboarding, photography, traveling and I have graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy!I would like to make my blog and this one of course my job with a lot of your help and Fou’s!!Right now I am looking for a job in order to make our dreams come true because we need to buy our first things to start the entire thing about the brand!!

Our dreams are to travel all over the world, to take pictures and share them with you..and make this brand famous..!!more details about the brand on a next post!!

Right now I would like to introduce you the most funny dog ..which is in our life for about 3 months..and makes it better with her way!Her name is Rita !!She is 8 months old,  jack russell and she is so tough that she doesn’t mind to attack at a pitbull!!Ok seriously..she just makes her move to watch the other dog’s reaction..!!Well this is Rita..Enjoy the next picture of her!!

Feelings for breakfast..

Isn’t it the best feeling
everytime you wake up
and you see the most beautiful face…
the one you love…
the one you have dreams to share with..
and when you get up…you see that there is more..
a little dog is sleeping on your feet…!!
I enjoy it every time..!!
Good morning

P.S. :Fou… correct my mistakes when you wake up..(If there is any..)Sweet dreams..honey…!!


Hello Again

Hello there again !! We recently faced some problems with our previous blog so we had to deleted ! But we were able to create a new one !! As we have mentioned to our previous blog we are just two young people who have a dream !! To establish a brand named F²!! We are keen on music , photography and of course traveling ! We are looking forward to our dream coming true ! And of course this is never going to happen without you guys … We are more than willing to share our dreams and our ideas with you … We need your support !! For more posts stay tuned !!


Fou , Flobo