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That scream

Every time I close my eyes I hear that scream..it’s so loud .. And that tention..and everytime that those waves hitting me..it’s like I can’t do anything to save you..! I hope that you don’t really need a thing!!

Well I really wanna say a few bad things about a guy who didn’t hurt you.. But he hurt me.. Who doesn’t even know me and I don’t know who to blame!him, you .. Or me? I just wanted you to know that it’s really painfull and I hope that the monster inside you will protect you..now that I can’t



Everybody say..

“Happy Bday Fouuu!!”

I wish you all the best 

Make your dreams come true



I know that is hard for you what I am going to say..but…please be strong..
I could tell you that you did it in the past so you can do it again..
but I know that it’s not the same
I just pray that your body is as strong as it was those days..
and I know that you are not young so 
I just have faith in you..and I pray for you
couse I know that you are fighting it…
I know it..I can feel it…


Bad luck runs in my veins … i can’t handle the situation right now … So confused … 

Maybe this post doesn’t make any sense at all … but i don’t know … i just had to express me anger …

have a nice day the rest of you



Max Richter – November

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Peace Fou