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The Ugly Truth

One of the most frustrating thing in life -or at least my life- is when people , who were supposed to be there for you and thought to be the “closed ones ” , are disappointing you and they are letting you down … Even though they know what you have done to them … Even they know that you were there when no one was …

Maybe I am being so pessimistic because it is a very stressful period of time for me …

Maybe I should not trust people so easily…

Maybe… I don’t know… Understanding and communicating with people seems to be so hard for me … I think that it is not my “thing”… So I am gonna keep up with my small but full of lovely and caring people circle and not expose myself too much to others…

Life didn’t come with instruction but I strongly believe that making your own rules/instructions is one of the most interesting parts

Have a nice day !





I know that is hard for you what I am going to say..but…please be strong..
I could tell you that you did it in the past so you can do it again..
but I know that it’s not the same
I just pray that your body is as strong as it was those days..
and I know that you are not young so 
I just have faith in you..and I pray for you
couse I know that you are fighting it…
I know it..I can feel it…


Enjoy !! 🙂

Peace Fou


(More post are coming , Stay Tuned )K

Diana F


Bad luck runs in my veins … i can’t handle the situation right now … So confused … 

Maybe this post doesn’t make any sense at all … but i don’t know … i just had to express me anger …

have a nice day the rest of you



Forever Unhappy

The most  people(I quess) are thinking of all these things they don’t have in their lives and they want them..and trying to rich them right??For exsample if someone doesn’t have a job he will be like..”oh I need a job right now..I need money to buy ‘this’ and ‘that’ and blah blah blah”..when he gets a job..”I don’t care about money…all I need is to take a few days/weeks off” an other exsample is
when he doesn’t have a car..then he wants to buy one..and when he gets it..he can’t take it any more because the fuel is expensive or the car is old and needs service all the time..All I want to say is why don’t we take what we want and stay happy??Is it so hard to control our lives and our thoughts?The question is more general than it seems..!Even emotionaly..you have a girlfriend..you love her..you know she loves you too..then why are you jealous when you are not with her?? The point is that we want what we think at the same time we are thinking it..and as long as we can’t have them..we are unhappy..

Also there is the good option! This means that..when you want sonething..you can try to take it..you can try to win it..and make it yours..and when you do it..then it comes the… satisfaction !This is the point that we became happy..at least for a while..!!

I have no idea if you can understand what I am talking about..it is much more complicated in my mind..than it seems..

thanks for reading..


p.s. right now I am happy cause I am coming back..(and somebody out there knows what that means..;) )

Alone in the dark

I am trying to think how can I begin this post and I can’t find the right words..Well I am at the aft of a yaght..we are in anchor,everyone is sleeping..passengers and crew members.. and I am on duty..it is 02:00 a.m…It is so quite out there..all I can see is the black water..the black mountains..the black sky…and a few lights from houses and the roads…You can’t hear a noise and I am so close to the shore..all you can hear is those tiny waves..which are hiting the yaght and making a wonderfull sound..it’s like a melody in the darkness.. and of course the stars..there are so many..I know that people saying that if you count them something bad is going to happend ..well I do not trying to count them I am just enjoying the view..and that noise again..I don’t want to end it up somewhere..this is just a monologe..

Thanks for reading..

Hmm I should be a writer..I am good..naaah..I don’t think so…
Goodnight to everyone..

Is it so bad..?

Is it so bad that I can’t see the difference between me and someone who can spent 200.000 euros to rent a yaght for a week?Is it so bad that I can’t see him like..he is the boss and I am just a crew member? mabye it’s their way that makes me feel like that..mabye it’s me and the way that I grew up..!Is it so bad that sometines I feel that I am in the wrong place at the wrong time?Is it so bad that I want to pass these 2 weeks as fast as possible and start living a real life??My life??Is it so bad that I am thinking about YOU all the time? So many unanswered questions..at least for me I have the answers..and they are ALL correct..
have a wonderfull night wherever you are..




I just bought Nikon D5100… As you can understand I couldn’t resist so I started exploring it ! My first ( and ex ) camera was Nikon D3000 , which is a great DSLR camera for beginners ( like me ) , but as the years passed I realised that I needed something new ! So after careful consideration I concluded that I should buy Nikon D5100 ! So here is my first photo with my  new babe ! 🙂